Taiping Maxwell Hill, Malaysia

Taiping Maxwell Hill also known as Bukit Larut is one of the well known tourist attractions in Taiping located approximately 10 kilometers from Taiping Town and 1250m above the sea level. At the summit of Maxwell Hill, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the Town and the distance from the base to the summit is approximately 13 kilometers. It is one of the favorite spots for the locals to hike and it can take up to 3-5 hours to reach the peak depending on individual stamina. There are a few nature trails that visitors could hike to reach the peak but be sure to check with a local park or forest ranger for updates on current trail conditions. It has been reported that tiger have been seen and bear tracks have been found further up in the hills.

Alternatively, visitors could travel by jeep to the peak that would only take 30 minutes but is recommended to do booking in advance during the peak season such as school holidays. Please note that the jeep uses the same tarred road as visitors would use to hike or walk up to the summit of Maxwell Hill. As such, visitors who choose to hike or walk up using the tarred road should stay alert to the oncoming jeep. Private vehicles without permit are strictly not allowed from going up the hill. I would not recommend visiting this place for those who has a tight travelling schedule because visitors are required to spend 3 hours at the peak while waiting for the next jeep service back to the base. 3 hours is definitely more than enough or probably too long to spend at the peak since there isn’t much to see or do apart from enjoying the cool weather. (Year 2012)


Limited and lack of maintenance jeep to transport visitors to the peak


Huge Green Leaf


Roti Canai and it finally came because my uncle was helping the only worker to fry


This is probably the only place that we could hang out besides the cafe while waiting for the jeep service back to the base of Maxwell Hill


Some nice view of Taiping from the peak




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