Laguna Redang Island Resort, Malaysia

Laguna Redang Island Resort is a nice resort and it is definitely a good choice for accommodation. The rooms are clean, comfortable and well maintained. The nearby sandy beach is wonderful with crystal clear water and it is a very clean beach.  I particularly enjoy stepping on the very smooth sand and it feels like stepping on flour! The resort has a huge dining area to accommodate all guest and it can get quite crowded during the school holidays. There is also a nice souvenir shop selling lots of the beach wear and accessories for anybody who did not equip themselves with beach wear . In the evening, you could enjoy some drinks and live music at the beach area and there will be lights and lots of people strolling along the beach. I would recommend this resort for those who wish to visit Redang island. (Year 2008)


Crystal Clear Water


The beach at Laguna Redang Island Resort


Relaxing Sew View








Live Band Performance

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