Laguna Redang Island Resort, Malaysia

Redang Island is one of the well known islands in Malaysia and is located in the protected marine area known as Terengganu Marine Park. It is a popular tourist destinations and the island is known for its crystal clear water and powdery white sand (it feels like stepping on flour!). Besides, there are a number of activities tourists can do in Redang Island including snorkeling, diving, trekking & more. The best time to visit Redang is between April to September as the monsoon season will begin in October where the ocean becomes increasingly choppy and rough. Many resorts will shut down including diver services by the end of October with most opening in March. Therefore, it is not advisable to visit Redang before March. 

For accommodation, I would recommend Laguna Redang Island Resort due to its beautiful location. The resort is well maintained with good facilities which has a huge dining area to accommodate all guests.  There is also an interesting souvenir shop selling lots of beautiful beach wear and accessories for anybody who did not equip themselves with beach wear. In the evening, visitors could enjoy some drinks and relaxing live music at the beach area and it is definitely a great way to end the night! (Year 2008)




The beach at Laguna Redang Island Resort


Relaxing Sew View








Live Band Performance

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