Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Malaysia

Pangkor Island Beach Resort is a nice place for a short getaway. To get to the resort, there is ferry service followed by bus to transport guest from the jetty and it is very convenient.  The resort has nice and clean beach and definitely a good place to relax. The resort rooms are also decent and value for money plus the resort offered quite a few activities for guest to spend time such as kayaking, cycling, snorkeling etc. During the evening, you could enjoy some drinks and live music at an open area. However, the varieties of food served during buffet lunch and dinner was average and it can get quite crowded during the school holidays. Overall, this is a decent place to consider for a short vacation! (Year 2012)


Beautiful Evening at Pangkor Island Beach Resort 2012




Relaxing place for people who loves sunbathing




Resort Beach


Kayaking is one of the activities


You can find all the information on different activities offered by the resort at this booth


The stage for the live band during the evening performances


Free pool game for guest




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