Lok Kawi Wildlife Park in Sabah, Malaysia

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is about 45 minutes to 1 hour’s drive with the estimated distance of 25 kilometers from Kota Kinabalu. A cab ride from the city to the wildlife park would cost approximately RM60 for a single journey. Lok Kawi is probably worth a visit for visitors who wish to see the Orang-utans and the rest of the native animals of Borneo. As a tourist attraction, it is probably the most run down and disappointing wildlife park I have ever been to.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is not well kept as a tourist spot. It was disappointing looking at the condition of the place and the animals. The animals were obviously lack of love and care while some areas of the park has poor hygiene. I would also suggest checking the weather forecast before making a trip there. It was unfortunate that the animal show had to be cancelled due to bad weather during my visit to the park. I hope there will be improvements for the years to come and more animal feeding activities for tourist. (Year 2012)


Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Entrance


Elephant rides are available


Waited 30 minutes for the animal show but it was later on cancelled due to the bad weather






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