Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is worth visiting but the theme park is relatively small. It is located on Sentosa Island with the nearest MRT station known as HarbourFront. There are several ways to get to Universal Studios from HarbourFront station and visitors can definitely rely on the direction stated on sign boards. Universal Studios is easily accessible through cable car, bus, cab and on foot. I would recommend taking a relaxing walk there via the Sentosa Boardwalk and enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline. The 15 minutes Boardwalk is very convenient and it is also wheelchair-accessible. It has shelter all the way with moving walkways and therefore visitors need not worry even if is raining.

Universal Studios Singapore is well maintained with a number of interesting rides and definitely worth the price of admission. I recommend to visit on weekdays to avoid long queue and be there early. Based on my experience, the attractions do not require long queues and one full day is sufficient to enjoy all the rides. It was a Monday when I visited the theme park and the average queuing time for majority of the rides were not more than 5 minutes except for Rapids Adventure  which I had to queue for almost an hour.

At Universal Studios Singapore, there are a few rides that worth mentioning and trying out. They are Revenge of the Mummy, Jurrasic Park, Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer and ‘Transformers The Ride’. Revenge of the Mummy is probably one of the best attractions in Universal Studios with great effects and backwards motion. It is an enclosed roller coaster based on the Mummy film franchise and therefore overall ride is very dark. Children who are afraid of the dark or loud noises are not recommended to ride this ride. (Year 2012)


Madagascar Land for young children


Merry Go Round










Gloomy Weather at Universal Studios Singapore


Gentle Ride


The Darkroom


The roasted turkey legs are delicious! I regretted for not getting myself one.


Transformers ride is cool








Monster Rock musical is fantastic!




Looks familiar?




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