Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is located in central London and Green Park tube station is one of the stations that is near to Buckingham Palace. I recommend taking a nice and relaxing stroll along the green park before arriving at the palace from the tube station. The surrounding of the palace can get quite crowded especially during the weekends and it makes it a little harder to take some good photos. I am impressed with the level of commitments of the palace guards that stand still all the time although I have briefly read through an article on 15 insane confessions of a Buckingham Palace Guard. It is a pity that I had missed the opportunity to visit the interior of the palace and would love to again make a trip there someday. (Year 2008)




england dec 08 (13-27) 014_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 015_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 022_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 021_Easy-Resize.com








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