Edinburgh City, Scotland

Edinburgh the beautiful city in Scotland is unique in its own way that attracts many visitors throughout the year. Highlights of Edinburgh includes the well known Edinburgh Castle, Museum of Scotland, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Scotch Whisky Experience and many more. Since Scotland is well-connected with London, many tourists visited Scotland as part of their London trip. I would recommend travelling by train from London to Scotland or vice versa that can take as little as 4 hours 20 minutes. I would not recommend travelling by coach although the cost is a lot more cheaper than travelling by train due to the 9 hours’ journey. I had experienced the coach ride and it was rather uncomfortable for such a long journey. Check out 6 Amazingly Easy Ways to Travel to Scotland from London

For accommodation in Edinburgh city, there are many affordable small hotels and inns. I recommend Borough Boutique Hotel as it is a pleasant and small trendy hotel with a cocktail bar restaurant for visitors to enjoy the breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you are planning a visit to Edinburgh during the month of Christmas, be sure to visit the Christmas market in the city centre and to enjoy delicious food, and traditional crafts. (Year 2008)














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