Oxford City, United Kingdom

Oxford is an interesting city with its own unique architecture. It was nice to go around the colleges and to visit the beautiful surroundings of the city. The design of the Oxford library building located in Oxford city center is unique and it was very relaxing exploring the place. I have been to Oxford twice during the winter and summer and I prefer the bright summer Oxford when beautiful flowers blooms. Special thanks to my aunt Maria and uncle David for driving us all the way there from Colchester and it was almost a 3 hours long journey. It was one unforgettable day trip to Oxford and we had Nandos for lunch the moment we arrived! (Year 2009)


england dec 08 (13-27) 559_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 555_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 547_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 551_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 549_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 568_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 563_Easy-Resize.com


england dec 08 (13-27) 565_Easy-Resize.com










Bright Summer in Oxford











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