Amsterdam City, Holland

Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe. It is such an interesting city to visit with unique architectures and the Amstel river which runs through the city. The city is well organised and clean with proper bicycle lanes which makes city cycling quite safe.  The best way to get around the city is to rent a bike or to join a guided bike tour. Since the use of bikes are essential and considered as one of the easiest mode of transport, you will find huge multi-level bike parking garage located in the city centre itself which could accommodate up to thousands of bikes!

A few attractions in Amsterdam city that I would recommend such as the sightseeing river cruise, the beautiful Volendam town, Dam Square and diamond factories. The river cruise excursion is a must and it is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Volendam is another great location to visit as a day-trip and places to visit including cheese factory and the windmills. The following link will provide you with more information on Volendam cheese factory and windmills. (Year 2009)

Volendam Cheese Factory

Volendam Windmills







Bikes for rent


Huge Bicycle Parking Space






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