City of Lucerne, Switzerland

The absolutely beautiful city of Lucerne in Switzerland is a great city to explore with most of the places are easily accessible and within walking distance. It is truly a relaxing city with interesting architecture and visitors can enjoy the many shops and boutiques selling the well known Swiss watches, army knifes and ultimate Swiss souvenir, cuckoo clocks. The wooden cuckoo clocks are handmade and beautifully hand-carved. They are unique as a clock and ideal for home decoration.

The famous tourist spots in Lucerne include the Lion Monument, Chapel Bridge also known as Kapellbrucke, Lake Lucerne and many more. The Lion Monument was described as the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world. Is a beautiful sculpture carved out of a natural rock as a tribute to Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1972 during the French revolution. The 14th century Chapel Bridge or Kapellbrucke is Switzerland’s main tourist attraction and this wooden pedestrian bridge was built in 1333. It is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe and was built as a part of fortifications of Lucerene with large part of the bridge was restored after the fire in 1993. I would recommend spending a day or two checking out this spectacular city! (Year 2009)


















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