Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris also known as Notre-Dame de Paris is a very famous church buildings in the world. It is a medieval Catholic cathedral and the architecture of the building is stunning. The entrance is free and the interior of the cathedral is amazing with very detail decorative features. I wish to visit Paris again someday and would like to spend more time touring the cathedral especially the tower. (Year 2009)












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  1. Evangelina says:

    One of my favorite buildings worldwide!

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    1. Thank You for your comment! Your blog is amazing and you have been to so many countries!:)

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      1. Evangelina says:

        Thank you, I have and France always will be one of my favorites. Feel free to take a look around.

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      2. I am actually reading your blog! You have amazing pictures too 🙂

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      3. Evangelina says:

        Thank you. I appreciate it.

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      4. Dear Evangelina, how can I find your post on all the countries you have visited as I have seen quite a few under destinations.

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      5. Evangelina says:

        You can only read posts about trips I have written about and listed in my destinations list.

        I have been to many countries in my lifetime but won’t be writing about all of them because the trips were too long ago and also back then I was shooting only analog.

        My blog lists more recent trips we have taken. It is also heavily based on travel photography and it would not feel right to me to write about a trip and I can not provide pictures for it.

        The blog is being updated regularly with new trips and pictures, I am sure there will be something for you. 🌷

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      6. Thank you for your email. Appreciated! 🙂 I am following and hopefully someday I will be visiting those beautiful places you have visited!

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      7. Evangelina says:

        Anytime. 🌷 I hope so too. There are so many wonderful places out there to be discovered.

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