Lavenham Village, United Kingdom

Lavenham is a very unique and interesting village with lots of old crooked houses and shops. It is a quiet and very relaxing village to visit. I have seen crooked houses on children’s story books and have not seen one until I visited this beautiful village. There are a number of attractions in Lavenham and I would recommend visiting the Parish Church of St Peter & St Paul and to explore crooked houses which open to public for visit. It was interesting to see the interior of a crooked house the way it is constructed. It was such a lovely and unforgettable day trip to this place and many thanks to Aunty Maria who brought us there. (Year 2009)

england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)






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  1. I was there earlier in the year and thought it was lovely, too.

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    1. I wish I have taken more pics of this lovely place! Thank you for reading 🙂

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