London Eye, United Kingdom

The internationally recognised symbol for London known as the London Eye is one of UK’s most popular attractions. This giant size wheel with the height of 443 feet tall  is an absolutely must-do and it is a good way to experience the spectacular London skyline. Interestingly, the London Eye was intended as a temporarily structure and due to the overwhelming boarding, it is now a permanent fixture. The ticket prices are rather expensive depending on the type of package desired but it is worth the money.

I have been on London Eye twice and still find it fascinating. I would recommend to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long queues and it is also advisable to purchase tickets online for a lower price. The 32 capsules on London Eye are huge and it could accommodate up to 25 passengers at a time with a bench in the center of the capsules for passengers who prefer to sit. One revolution takes about 30 minutes and can carry 800 guests per rotation. Kindly refer to the following link for London Eye online saver tickets. (Year 2009)

London Eye Online Saver Tickets 2017






















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