St Paul’s Cathedral, London

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the very popular historical landmarks in London and has been there since the 17th century. It was reconstructed several times after the Great Fire of London which destroyed much of the city. St Paul Cathedral is among the most famous tourist attractions in London and with truly impressive interior. The very grand and majestic interior accompanied by its beautiful ceilings decorated with explicit mural paintings is unbelievable. However, filming and photography is strictly not allowed inside the Cathedral.

The highlights of the Cathedral are the three galleries which visitors could visit. They are the Whispering gallery, Stone gallery and Golden gallery. The Golden gallery is the highest point with a total steps of 528 steps to reach the gallery. The Stone gallery above the Whispering gallery is the second highest point and can be reached by 378 steps. During my visit, I had the opportunity to visit the Stone gallery and treated to a lovely view of London city. I would suggest checking the official website of St Paul’s Cathedral for daily opening times of the galleries before visiting.

Like many others attractions in London, St Paul’s Cathedral can be easily reached by tube. The nearest tube station is the St Paul’s tube station and the cathedral is within the walking distance from the tube station. The entrance to the Cathedral required an admission fee but it is worthwhile to visit this amazing Baroque architecture. (Year 2008)


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england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)


england dec 08 (13-27)






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