Birmingham City, United Kingdom

A day-trip to Birmingham city was lovely and taking a train from London to Birmingham took approximately 2 hours. I enjoyed strolling around the busy city for the first time and meeting up with some of my friends. The only downside was it gets too crowded at a lot of the places and I would say avoid visiting during the weekends whenever possible. One of the highlights in the city is ‘Brindley Place’ which has a great selection of bars, cafes and restaurants along the beautiful canal. Alternatively, visitors can enjoy the relaxing canal boat rides to explore more of Birmingham city. I wish I could spend another day or two to see more of the interesting city. (Year 2010)










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  1. RyanC says:

    I was in the UK over christmas a few years ago – and loved Birmingham, such a vibrant city. The christmas markets were on during the time, and was just such a great experience being there!

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    1. Thank you for dropping by and following my blog!


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