Sheffield City, United Kingdom

I love Sheffield city and this city is always beautiful day or night, spring, summer, autumn or winter. The stunning architecture and the friendly people around the city makes it a lovely place to stay. Sheffield city centre is also a very busy place with many pubs, cafes and restaurants which served delicious cuisine. Do not be surprised to see many students around because the city is just walking distance from the University of Sheffield and other campuses. The attractions in Sheffield include Meadowhall Shopping Centre for those who would like to do shopping, Botanical Gardens, Sheffield Weston Park Museum and many more. I would recommend spending at least two or three days in the city and if possible, plan your visit during weekdays rather than weekend as the city centre would get quite crowded during the weekend. (Year 2010)


























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  1. Sam says:

    Those big wheels always terrify me… I’ve been on them, but they are damn scary! I don’t think I could do the London Eye.. Haha

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    1. Thank you for your time in dropping by my blog. London Eye is really slow and sometimes the bigger wheels are not as scary as the big ones I think! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sam says:

        I might brave it one day, after a couple of beers perhaps! :p

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