Manchester, United Kingdom

What an unforgettable day trip to Manchester with so much of running in order to catch the first train in the morning from Sheffield and more running to catch the train back from Manchester to Sheffield! Our 30 minutes walk to Sheffield train station got delayed due to heavy snow from the night before and it was too last minute for us to call a cab that early in the morning. Well, the worst part was we missed the train back from Manchester by a split second and had to purchase another ticket to catch a later train back to Sheffield. Nevertheless, it was an amazing but extremely tiring day at Manchester.

Manchester city is quite different from the other cities in UK that I have been. Everywhere was covered with snow and certain parts of the city were still snowing during our visit. There were many old buildings around and the overall appearance of the city did not look as modern and new as some of the other cities in UK. It was nice exploring around and we took a long walk from Manchester train station to the Old Trafford when our feets were suffering due to the extremely cold weather. Apart from that, we enjoyed the snow and the surrounding was beautiful. The next place which I would recommend to visit is the Museum of Science & Industry and it is one interesting museum that emphasized the development and achievements of Manchester city in these fields. It would be nice to spend a night or two in order to explore more interesting places the city has to offer. (Year 2010)








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