Salzburg, Austria

Indeed, Salzburg is a very beautiful city with a lot to see and of course, it was also the birthplace for this very well known composer, Mozart. Munich and Salzburg are connected by a short high-speed train ride with the approximate travel time of 1 hour 30 minutes. It was a very last minute plan on the night before when my two cousins and I had decided to visit Salzburg due to our unexpected extended vacation. Nevertheless, it was definitely one of the best decisions that we have made during our trip because Salzburg is spectacular!

Salzburg was also the shooting location of one of my favourite childhood films – The Sound of Music! This city offers many interesting and beautiful attractions and I would recommend the Mirabell palace and gardens. The gardens are beautiful and well maintained but did not manage to visit the palace due to time constraints. Our short day trip to Salzburg did not allow us to visit the interior of Mozart’s residence too but we manage to capture some photos outside the residence. Anyhow, we had an amazing time exploring the city despite that we had only less than a day to spend in Salzburg. (Year 2010)


















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