City of Prague, Czech Republic

City of Prague is such a beautiful city with amazing architectures and many interesting places to explore. The extraordinary layout of the city is stunning with colorful houses with red roofs that brighten up the entire city. I would recommend some of the attractions in Prague that I found it interesting during my visit and one of them is Prague Castle. Prague Castle is huge and the destination provides nice view on the city. There are a few different outdoor markets around the city that were interesting to explore and I would recommend to anyone who would like to shop for locally produced souvenirs.  For people who like to experience a puppetry performance, National Marionette Theatre located in the Old Town neighborhood of Prague is the place to be. The puppet show was a very enjoyable and entertaining performance and is very suitable for both children and adults. The following link shows the 20 top-rated tourist attractions in Prague with a paragraph of introduction for each and every attractions. (Year 2010)

 20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Prague


















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