National Marionette Theatre, Czech Republic

Since puppets are one of Czech Republic’s greatest traditional handcrafts, the National Marionette Theater is the place to enjoy and witness the professional puppeteers in action. The theater is located in the old town of Prague and it represents the modern version of the puppet theater back in the 17th century.  The size of the theater is average and the stage is rather small but good enough for the show.

One of the very successful shows offered by the theater is the Don Giovanni puppet play, a show inspired by Mozart’s famous Italian opera. The wooden puppets were dressed in beautiful costumes and the puppets looks as if they are alive during the show. I personally enjoyed the humorous and engaging performance despite that the language presented during the performance was in Italian. Nevertheless, program books in different languages were available and can be purchased before the show.

I would recommend doing some research or reading on the story-line before going for the show and would recommend this attraction to anyone who has never seen a puppet show. The price of the tickets are rather expensive and kindly follow the following link for more information on the different shows and pricing. (Year 2010)

National Marionette Theatre

















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