Kiyomizu-Zaka Street , Japan

Kiyomizu-Zaka Street is a very interesting street to experience the traditional old Kyoto. The street is occupied with many wooden shops and cafes selling a variety of local products including local crafts. Some of the shops provide free testing on the sweet treats made from rice flour with different flavored fillings and they are mainly very colorful and eye-catching. They come in beautifully wrapped packages with Japanese style wrapping paper making it perfect as a souvenir. The street can be crowded with tourists and some of the tourists dressed up as geisha for photography purpose. The geisha makeover with stunning kimonos services are provided by some of the shops along the street but the packages can be quite costly. It was overall a very pleasant and enjoyable experience strolling along Kiyomizu-Zaka Street before arriving at Kiyomizu-dera Temple. (Year 2013)












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