Kinkaku-ji, Japan

The well known Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji also known as the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is a beautiful temple with very serene surroundings. The Golden Pavilion is three stories high and the second and third story of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaf. It would be nice if visitors are allowed to further explore the interior of the Pavilion. The temple is often very crowded especially during the summer but it was a lot less crowded during my visit in the winter season. The surroundings of the temple are very peaceful with well maintained gardens and landscapes. There are also stalls along the way selling some very meaningful souvenirs such as lucky charms for great health, luck, relationship and many more. I definitely enjoyed strolling around the temple under the cold weather.

It was easy to get to Kinkaku-ji and I would recommend travelling by bus. The buses “#205” from Stand B3 will depart from the main bus terminal of Kyoto Station and the journey is approximately 40 minutes to reach Kinkaku-ji. Please take note that another bus labelled as “Rapid #205” will also be leaving from Stand B3 but the service does not travel to Kinkaku-ji Temple. The distance between Kinkaku-ji bus stop and the temple is within walking distance. The following link provides more information on Kyoto Station to Kinkaku-ji Temple. (Year 2013)

Kyoto Station to Kinkakuji Temple























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