Nishiki Market, Japan

Are you one of the tourists that love visiting the local market whenever you travel to a new destination and why? By visiting the local market, tourist will be able to get the idea and to understand the local flavour and culture of each country. On the other hand, local markets have good varieties of locally produced dried foods and it is definitely a great place to shop for food souvenirs. If you are one of the tourists that hunt for local markets, Nishiki market is a great choice when you plan your trip to Kyoto.

Nishiki Market is one of the markets that I would highly recommend and is worth exploring. The market does not open until about 10am and start closing at 6pm. Nishiki Market is very clean and the products are neatly arranged. Most of the products sold is locally produced and the market offers very fresh seafood. Visitors could easily spent an hour or more at Nishiki Market that has more than one hundred shops and restaurants. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the market and the sellers were very friendly and approachable. However, Nishiki market could get quite crowded due to the narrow path between the shops. (Year 2013)












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