Sagano Romantic Train, Japan

Sagano Romantic Train is amazing and the old fashion train ride was enjoyable as it travel from the district of Arashiyama through the serene forest and mountains into the rural of Kameoka city. The sightseeing trains depart from Torokko Saga Station which is just 15 minutes from Kyoto Station. The approximate 25 minutes journey of Sagano Romantic Train ride travels at a relatively slow pace and provides passengers a relaxing view of the forest and Arashiyama river. Along the journey, passengers could witness the traditional boats of Hozugawa River Cruise on the calm river and could combine the sightseeing train with boat ride back to Arashiyama. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone especially families with children and would suggest to reserve the tickets in advance due to large number of visitors throughout the year. The following link provides more information on the train and boat rides. (Year 2013)

Sagano Romantic Train

Hozugawa River Cruise



















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