Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Japan

Opened in 1955, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is one of the quietest museum I have ever been. My visit to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum had made me realized how severe is the after-effects of an atomic bomb. The museum aims to convey the reality of the damage incurred by an atomic bomb to people around the world. The severity of the worlds first atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima during the Second World War was terrifying. It destroyed or burnt down 90% of the city and had brought extreme suffering to the innocent victims and survivors. It was extremely heartbreaking and I could never imagine how bad the situation of after bombing will be.

The museum itself is not huge but it is very cozy and well laid out. It has many informative exhibits and they are very well presented with description on each exhibit. The exhibits includes photographs of aftermath of Hiroshima bombing, materials that were recovered after the bombing, items that exposed to bomb and stories of survivors of Hiroshima. I would highly recommend to visit this museum and even a day-trip to Hiroshima just to visit the museum is definitely worthwhile. The following link provides more information on Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. (Year 2013)

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum





















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