Michigan Cruise on Lake Biwa , Japan

The unforgettable experience with Michigan Cruise which cruises around the south part of the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa was a wonderful escape from busy city. I went on the “Michigan 60” course which lasted for 60 minutes and it was an unusual afternoon that only a few passengers were on-board! It was probably due to the cold winter season but I believed that Michigan Cruise is definitely a popular attraction especially during the summer. The entire cruise was very empty and there were plenty of seats and comfortable couches to relax. Even though there were very few passengers, the tour guide at the cruise still did a great job explaining the background of Lake Biwa with utmost energy.

Apart from the “Michigan 60” course, visitors who prefer a meal and live show on the cruise could consider the “Michigan 90” course which lasts for 90 minutes. For visitors to enjoy the romantic and beautiful night views of Lake Biwa, Michigan Cruise offers “Michigan Night Course” where visitors can also enjoy a meal on the cruise. The departing point for Michigan Cruise is from the Otsu Harbor and Otsu Prince Hotel. Otsu Harbor is approximately 3 minutes walk from Hamaotsu Station (浜大津駅). I would highly recommend Michigan Cruise to anyone and the following link provides more information on the cruise. (Year 2013)

Michigan Cruise at Lake Biwa





















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