Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, Indonesia

If you are planning for a trip to Bali, the impressive floating temple of Ulun Banu Bratan Temple is not to be missed. The temple is located in central Bali on the western side of Beratan Lake in Bedugul and is one of the most serene temples I have ever seen. The grounds of the temple were beautiful with flowers blooming and the peaceful lake and green mountains surrounding the temple contributes to the tranquil atmosphere of the temple. However, visitors are not allowed to enter the temple itself.

The opening hours of Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is from 8am to 6pm and we were lucky to be the only visitors during our visit because we arrived just before the closing time. However, I would not recommend visiting in the evening as the skies gets dark quickly and might not be a good option for photo shoot. Since the temple can get very crowded during the day, I would suggest to visit at the earliest opening hours in order to experience the real serenity of the place. Visitors to the temple are required to pay an entrance fee of 50,000 (around 4 USD) and boat rides are also available at the lake. In terms of the weather, it was surprisingly cooling and do bring a cardigan along. The chilly weather made me want to stay longer and to avoid going back to the busy streets of Kuta. (Year 2015).


















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